• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

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Manchester Storm Beat Dundee Stars At Home League Opener

Manchester Storm jumped to top of the league last night with their home opener after they beat the Dundee Stars. It was a gritty game ready to spill into a…

Get To Know The Enemy – Dundee Stars

Manchester Storm welcome the Dundee Stars to the first league game at home tonight. With a flop of a team last year, we look at the threats they bring to…

Manchester Storm Sign Matt Murphy

Matt Murphy has come in to plug the gaps alongside Joe Morrow after Tommy Parran has left Manchester Storm's blue line. We give you the background to this new face.

Tommy Parran Leaves Manchester Storm

Tommy Parran has left Manchester Storm after only 6 games, but it's not to make way for Joe Morrow as further signings are being announced shortly.

Tyler Hinam – Best Goals of The Week

It was announced today that our very own Tyler Hinam was awarded the third best goal of the opening weekend of the 23/24 season. A fantastic backdoor tip in past…

Storm Shutdown Nottingham Panthers in League Win

Storm dominated the Nottingham Panthers for 40 before the decided to join the game. It was a thrilling exhibition of skill. We break down the plays.

Manchester Storm Sign NHL Defenceman Joe Morrow

I can't believe I'm saying this but Manchester Storm have signed Joe Morrow, who has 5 years experience and 162 games in the NHL. Read all about him here.

Connor Lee Signs 2-Way With Telford Tigers

Connor Lee leaves the roster today to play for the Telford Tigers tonight as he signs a 2-way deal with Manchester Storm to continue his progression

Slow Start To Storm’s Season

Storm had a terrible start to the game yesterday before absolutely dominating for 54 minutes. We have a look at Ulett's first fight, and reviewing the play by play.

Get To Know The Enemy – Nottingham Panthers

Manchester Storm taken on the Nottingham Panthers our the first game of the 23/24 season tomorrow. We review their pre-season and look at the wealth of experience and threats they're…